WowWee Fingerlings fake warning for UK buyers at Amazon

The demand for genuine WowWee Fingerlings Monkey toys in the UK is still unprecedented as shoppers look to locate stock in time for Christmas.

However, we wanted to point you towards a potential warning of fake WowWee Fingerlings toys which some shoppers at Amazon UK have received upon delivery.

As most of you know, these toys cost £14.99 at original price and come in a variety of colours – purple being the rarest on the market at the moment.

However, while Amazon UK are back in stock of WowWee Fingerlings as of December 19, take a look at the most recent reviews for the toy with many shoppers saying that they received a fake Fingerling.

Are you still planning to try your luck on buying Fingerlings from Amazon UK – head to their page here if so where they still have stock at £14.99 for a limited time only.

For everyone else, are you worried about the amount of fake toys being sold? How do you personally spot a fake Fingerling from a real one?



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