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If your iPhone X keeps restarting, here’s how to fix it

We know that many of you are still having problems with multiple complaints that the ‘iPhone X keeps restarting’, so if this is you here are some quick steps that you can use to find a swift fix to the problem.

As some of you may have found out, a nasty bug within iOS 11.1.2 has caused devices including the iPhone X to automatically restart from in a continuous loop after getting past the lock screen.

This problem has been ongoing as of December 2, 2017 but for those that are not aware, Apple has released a new software update to iOS 11.2 which should stop your iPhone X from restarting all of the time.

Simply go to your device settings then General and push your device to install the latest update and follow the instructions to install iOS 11.2 onto your iPhone X.

If you are still having issues even on iOS 11.2, another fix you can try to stop the device restarting is to turn off all app notifications on your iPhone X – you can do this by going to the Notifications menu in settings, then App Store, then turn off Allow Notifications.

The last resort which you can try if you are still having problems is to perform a hard reset on the iPhone X. This is done by quickly pressing volume up, then volume down then hold the side button on the iPhone X for 10 seconds.

The device will then power off and the Apple logo will appear shortly after and the hard reset has been successful. If you connect your Lightning cable to the phone and perform the same step, this is how to go into Recovery Mode on the iPhone X which again is a last resort method if you have an unresponsive device.

Let us know if you are still having problems with your iPhone X restarting and if you have found any other handy ways to fix it, as a heads-up to other readers.



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