Destiny 2 patch notes for PS4, Xbox One

A major Destiny 2 update is now upon us, with Bungie rolling out a new version to players on December 12. Here is where you’ll find the Destiny 2 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One as soon as maintenance is over.

It’s not often we see five hours of maintenance, but that is how long players will have to ensure as Bungie takes the game down to make these changes to Curse of Osiris.

We can confirm that Destiny 2 maintenance on December 12 ends at 2PM pacific time and Bungie will then upload the full patch notes here – at the time of writing they are not live yet.

In the meantime though, the developer has given a heads-up on a separate hotfix that they will be implementing as well and full changes for that hotfix have already been revealed below:

If Bungie adds any other details to the notes above once the maintenance is ended, we will update this article with the new information but for now you can keep checking the link above.

Are you satisfied with the hotfix notes after five hours of maintenance? Let us know your Destiny 2 gameplay experience after below.



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