FIFA 18 FUTMAS release date for packs, SBC

It’s that time of the year again when FIFA 18 players are looking forward to the FIFA 18 FUTMAS event, where EA will give back to players with some free giveaways, FUTMAS SBCs, special FUTMAS cards for FUT18 to buy and much more.

EA will be revealing the full contents of this year’s celebration very soon, with the predicted FIFA 18 FUTMAS release date expected to be on December 15 where EA will kick things off with the 18 Days of FUTMAS offering different events every single day.

As highlighted above, this will include daily gifts coming back, while there will be a special FUTMAS team as well giving you the chance to get special players with increased stats over Christmas and into the New Year.

The big attraction though will be the FIFA 18 FUTMAS SBCs, as EA should be making some of these SBCs with easier requirements than usual but still giving away very rare packs as rewards which players can then save up for future TOTW events.

If you are a daily FIFA 18 player, this is one event you don’t want to miss especially the SBCs so stay tuned for the official announcement soon.

Below, we have included an image of the official FIFA 18 FUTMAS card design – what do you think about it?

What are you personally hoping to see from FIFA 18 FUTMAS this year? Let us know your best predictions below and check back soon for official details.



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