PS4 Pro Amazon UK price shock for gamers

Prepare to be amazed now as Amazon UK has lined up a truly unbeatable deal for anyone looking to buy a new PS4 Pro console in time for Christmas.

For a console that launched with a £349.99 retail price not too long ago, we are shocked to see Amazon dropping the price to just £259.99 as of November 2017.

This is the lowest ever price that we have seen Sony’s new console selling for and it could be a Cyber Monday special so we suggest you buy now before the price changes.

From what we have seen elsewhere online, none of the other big retailers are matching Amazon’s price right now so this is really a stunning deal and a lot of money knocked off the price.

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We’ll continue to keep our eyes out in case other retailers decide to join in on the price war, but let us know if you have seen anywhere offering better than £259.99 – until then, get yours at Amazon here.



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