Marvel Future Fight players backlash after Netmarble intros Loot Box

By Alan Ng - Nov 30, 2017

With all of the latest drama involving predatory behaviour related to loot boxes within video games, we are very surprised to see one developer taking inspiration from that with their next update which will introduce a new type loot box for the very first time.

This game is Marvel Future Fight developed by Netmarble and with the upcoming 3.6 update, players will only have a ‘chance’ to get several of the new heroes contained in this update.

This is going to be the Ultimate Hero Chest and you’ll need to buy it as the only method to getting Anti-Man, Nova and Blue Marvel – the latter character being an initial ‘free’ unlock, but requires real-money purchases to unlock full potential.

With millions of loyal players since the game launched back in April 2015, it’s no surprise to see that the introduction of this loot box has been met with severe backlash online – especially considering what has happened with EA having to make an unprecedented u-turn with the loot box mechanics featured in Star Wars Battlefront 2, hours before launch.

At the time of writing, we can see that players are now taking to the Future Fight Google Play page and leaving 1* reviews for the game as a result of the constant RNG implementation and perceived ‘gacha’ tactics by Netmarble.

Elsewhere on Reddit, it’s a similar story with one of the game’s most respected community members Cynicalex even advising players to boycott Future Fight update 3.6 until Netmarble reverses this decision.

We can also see the backlash beginning to unfold on Twitter, with players begging Marvel’s Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann to reach out and fix this from his side.

Netmarble has yet to comment on the severity of the complaints seen online, but we have seen in the past that the developer has been willing to listen to the community and reverse changes made on the eve of updates – one of the more recent examples of this was a complete u-turn on proposed co-op mode changes which would have limited the amount of entries players were able to participate, thus decreasing rewards. After extreme backlash though, Netmarble reversed these changes and co-op mode was unaffected in the end.

Are you hoping to see similar changes to the introduction of this new loot box in the game, which could set a dangerous precedent in the future with regards to new Marvel Future Fight patches in 2018?

We can see that there are a lot of players ready to ‘quit’ Marvel Future Fight altogether because of this update, so leave your thoughts on this situation below if you are a long time player of the game.

Update: 30/11/17:  Netmarble has now backed down after the intense criticism, with the developer now implementing a method which will let players obtain these new characters outside of the loot box as highlighted above. Now, you can go to the processor in Shield Lab and obtain their bios that way, with a small chance but with antimatter (farmable) used as the main currency. See Netmarble’s statement below:

As a result, you have a chance to get 1 biometric per production, or 2 if you manage to hit the ‘jackpot’ spin which has a 10% chance.

Let us know your thoughts on the massive u-turn by Netmarble and if you are happy with the outcome moving forward.

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  • Maxxayas

    Product Reviews brings MFF news again !!!
    Keep the good work,bring news about future updates too

  • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

    Boycott still on, that “fix” you list in your update is not a real solution, please update accordingly, netmarble’s response is extremely tone deaf

  • Henrique Kalebi

    this new chest is an abuse to the players, already enough so much means by luck to have items (Cards, obelisks, CTP, Premiums cards), now for biometrics also? no, I play a little over 1 year and I’ve already spent more than 2 thousand dollars, BOYCOTT to this perverse system !!!

  • NgTurbo

    It looks like your voices have been heard everyone! You can now obtain Anti-Man, Nova and Blue Marvel biometrics in the Shield Lab processor!

  • Liu Pippen

    Let’s show our rage against this unreasonable update. Now I am also an anti-man! Anti NMB!!

  • Nehemiah Namana Hall

    I mean I’m really surprised marvel let this fly-they (net marble/Disney) r making the same mistake marvel avengers alliance did(being greedy n not being loyal to your playing base, I mean maa lasted 4 yrs close to five yrs on FBby all means) the loot box/gambling method his the sole reason why I don’t play any marvel game-and only play future fight you r not suppose to bite the hand that feeds you n with this update net marble ripped their players hands off, people play games to destress, wind down from life. we a players don’t want complications added to something we enjoy. bill rosemann needs to step in to fix this or fans may not be so eager player any other marvel mobile game.

  • Dan Nicodim

    Gj netmarble… i was just thinking of what kind of addiction beside eating should i get…

  • Doug W. Koehler

    Goodbye to Stark Stash and anything else that drew my $$ to Netmarble. Do not allow these people to destroy the game and do not support those who spend thinking they are some big heroes. #NO$2NM,

  • virat

    I’m playing this game since july 2015 nd this is the game on which i spend hours nd hours nd real money nd i really love this game but netmarble dear this is truely unacceptable.we r not gamblers nd don’t want to be so whay this so please stop doing this kind of shitty things nd do what is right for game nd communities

  • achromat666

    This is both unnecessary and inexcusable. The reason i stopped playing Marvel’s Puzzle Quest game is because it relies entirely on loot box logic for getting a lot of its characters. Future fight’s system works fine, certainly better than most precisely because they have been up front with how you obtain and upgrade characters and making them all available through the same methods.

    Stop this loot crate crap, or you will have less player.

  • Liam

    It’s a shame to see a great game ruined by corporate greed. I gladly gave my money in support of netmarble precisely because they resisted this trend. No more.

  • balancedinmyviews

    This is an awesome game, and sure it has a few issues, but it was so satifying not having to deal with gatcha practices