PS4 Pro 1TB console deal with Destiny 2 free

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2017

We’ve spotted another great deal for anyone who is currently looking for the best deals on PS4 Pro consoles in the US as there hasn’t been too many offers attached to Sony’s latest gaming system as of yet.

However, Best Buy is trying to change that by offering a very nice sweetener along with their PS4 Pro listing.

If you head to their website now and buy a 1TB Pro Pro console, you will get a free copy of Destiny 2 thrown in at no extra cost – no catch whatsoever.

The only downside is that the PS4 Pro is still at the full $399 retail price, but at least Best Buy are including a top multiplayer title that everybody is going crazy amount to soften the blow.

Get the deal here while it’s still valid and let us know if you have spotted any other console plus game deals which are better than this one for your money.

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