Skyrim VR gameplay a game changing experience for fans

We are days away from the highly anticipated release of Skyrim VR for PS4 owners on November 17. For those that haven’t been keeping up with how this game looks, we have some Skyrim VR gameplay to show you now which may blow you away.

Skyrim is easily one of the greatest games ever made and we’re willing to bet that many of you reading this will have already played the original game in some form or another.

Now, you get to see what the iconic title in virtual reality looks like and the results are nothing short of game changing. We have been seeing some of the feedback from the VR version as well as fans and it looks like it is going to be a totally different experience in VR and very much worth another play through.


You’ll be able to play through the entire game using PlayStation Move controllers if you wish, or use alternate control methods such as the VR headset and dual shock controller if you prefer.

Bethesda has put in multiple control schemes as well as VR settings to ensure that players get the best experience and won’t feel sick after a short while of playing – Skyrim’s universe is very hands on after all.

Check out the videos that we have supplied for you below showing how the game looks like in first person mode and also from the perspective of the VR headset wearer – we think you’ll be impressed.

Are you looking forward to getting your own copy? Buy the game here for £44 if you still need it, which is the cheapest price we’ve seen.



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