Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend dates for PS4, Xbox One and PC

We have news of another free weekend to tell you about now, this one involves Rainbow Six Siege fans. If you want to check out the game, you will be able to access all areas of the game for free between November 16 and November 19.

This coincides with the PS Plus free weekend, but now we have some specific information from Ubisoft about what areas of the game will be unlocked.

You’ll be able to play on all maps in the game, use all abilities and customize 34 Operators at your leisure so we hope you have cancelled whatever you were doing this weekend.


Ubisoft is drawing attention to the fact that Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise arrives soon for Season Pass holders, so this might just tempt a few new players into getting the game permanently.

The Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend start time kicks off on November 16 at 5pm UK time, which means 9am Pacific and 12pm Eastern Time. It will end on November 19 at different times – these are 7pm UK, 11am Pacific and 2pm Eastern Time.

Will you be joining in on the action? Let us know which Operator you are going for and watch the teaser trailer below.



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