Sharp LC-50LBU591U 50-inch 4K TV review with HDR warning

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2017

Sharp remains a very popular brand of television to buy during the Holiday sales, as retailers often cut prices down by huge amounts making Sharp the brand of choice for many excited shoppers.

The new Sharp LC-50LBU591U 50-inch 4K TV fits into this category for 2017 as it is going to be sold for a stunning price of just $179.99 after a whopping $320 discount.

Any 4K under $200 is going to attract a lot of attention, but we’re here to let you know what the Sharp LC-50LBU591U specs and features are to hopefully give you the heads-up you need on whether it is worth buying or not.

It features a 50-inch display with an ultra HD 2160p resolution, 4K upscaling, built-in Roku Smart TV service, 3 HDMI inputs which support HDCP 2.2, 1 USB port, 60Hz refresh rate and support for wall mounts.

The biggest problem with this TV though, is that the Sharp LC-50LBU591U does not support HDR which could be a deal breaker for potential PS4 Pro and Xbox One X gamers.


It is surprising to see that some 4K models are still being sold without HDR, but this could be a prime reason why it is going to be available under the $200 mark.

Furthermore, question marks may be raised on why the Best Buy listing for this model clearly states that it doesn’t offer HDR while Sharp’s listing on their website states that it does have HDR – talk about confusion for the consumer.



You can see from the Sharp LC-50LBU591U reviews here that other buyers have said that there is no HDR so take this as a warning when you head to Best Buy to buy this model.

Let us know your thoughts on it below, it is still a fantastic choice for under $200.

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  • Bespin

    I bought the 43″ version and it has HDR… the Blacks are perfect and the depth of color is amazing. These are great sets , I paid $315 because I needed something to fit in 39″. Plus it has Ethernet and USB, Roku TV is great. Supports Miracast and Continuum. Roku also has a robust WP app.

  • Jake Marynicz

    This article is wrong. The LC-50LBU591U does indeed support HDR (though only HDR10 and not Dolby Vision). So this TV is perfectly equipped to pair with the X1S, X1X or PS4Pro since they only support HDR10 and not DV.

    I suggest the author of this article actually purchase the TV and connect it to a HDR source rather than blindly making claims based on the specs of the retailer. Both the box and the manufacturer state that it supports HDR and it does.

  • JP

    The same thing happened with the Hisense (owner of Sharp) H8C and H6C they patched it in with a firmware update.

  • Eric

    I’m also worried about the lack of HDR on this model. Best Buy are selling for $180 on Black Friday but without HDR it loses its appeal..

    • Kyle Dowling

      I cannot find any good 4k tv with this price anywhere else. Reguardless of HDR, this is an amazing deal.

    • Luke Woolley

      This DOES have HDR (HDR10) according to both Amazon and Sharp. BestBuy is lying to customers trying to upsell them to more expensive sets. They have marked both TCL and Sharp models that DO have HDR as “HDR: No” in an attempt to get you to spend more money.

      • Jake Marynicz

        I’m not sure if its deliberate (though, “we no longer have the doorbuster that you lined up last night for, but we do have this one that also has HDR and is only $200 more” isn’t beyond the realm of possibility). But I wonder if BB only list TVs has being HDR if they support both HDR10 and DV, since both the TCL and Sharp marked has not HDR only support HDR10. Could also just be BB plain poor product knowledge.