Hover-1 Freedom Hoverboard review with no app support

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2017

Hoverboards are still extremely popular right now to buy and everyone is going to be looking for the cheapest prices online for hoverboards during the Holiday season.

You’ll be pleased to know that certain models will be heavily discounted during the sales and one of them is the Hover-1 Freedom Hoverboard – on sale at Walmart in November 2017 for just $148.

We want to make it clear straight away though that this Hover-1 Freedom Electric Scooter is different to the H1 that is on the market already and that comes with app support.


The Hover-1 Freedom is a cheaper version and does not come with the app support found on other models. The H1-Freedom also has a max speed of 6.2mph, compared to the app enabled one which can go up to 10mph.

Other features include a 500W motor, 25.9V/4.0A battery, max distance of 5 miles on a single charge and 3 hours charging time which will display on a battery indicator to let you know when it’s fully charged.


This model doesn’t have the LED light indicators either, so be aware of that when you are buying. Still if you just want the main hoverboard without the extras, $148 is still a great price.

As a brand new product out in November 2017, there are currently no reviews online yet so leave your own user reviews if you have bought one early.

Full specs are available in the image above – buy it from Walmart for $148 here, it’s also available in the color Red.

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  • Cindy

    how safe are these and from what ages.. does anyone know please? Thinking of buying one at Walmart!

    • French Tickler

      I think you are very beautiful Cindy. I was actually wondering what you were gonna be doing on New Years Eve? I’m looking for a date to bring with me to my older brothers Bar Mitzvah. I can’t believe he is already turning 37 1/2 years old!