Call of Duty WW2 103295 error problems on PS4, Xbox One

It looks like the launch of Call of Duty WW2 has not gone as smoothly for many buyers as expected. A week on from the global release of the game, we are continuing to see widespread complaints about the Call of Duty WW2 103295 error code on PS4 and Xbox One with no sign of a fix.

Players have been seeing this error code frequent in the game, which is not letting them connect to servers online. Another code that has been seen often in COD WW2 is error 103294 so let us know if you get this one too.

The frustrating thing about it, is that there doesn’t appear to be a genuine fix to the problem. Players have just had to accept the fact that when these error occurs, a period of downtime follows and in the last few days these errors have resulted in players not being able to connect to COD WW2 servers for hours.


Here is the latest official statements from both Activision and developers Sledgehammer as of November 11, 2017.

Meanwhile, there is an entire thread about the specific 103295 error code on Reddit in case you want to see if other gamers have found a fix themselves since there isn’t an official one.

Are you surprised with the amount of time that the servers have been down since launch? It has only been a week, but did you expect fewer problems? Let us know your thoughts below and tell us what platform you are playing on.



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