Sharp LC-55P6000U 55″ Class 4K TV review with specs list

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2017

We have another look at a budget TV now, as we always do every year in the build-up to the massive Holiday sales when consumers are looking to spend their cash on a new 4K TV upgrade.

Now we are looking at the brand new 2017 Sharp LC-55P6000U 55″ Class 4K TV with a brief review on what type of specs it features since we know it will be selling for a very low price at retailers such as Walmart.

Sharp LC-55P6000U specs include a 55-inch LED display with a 3840×2160 resolution, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 120 Motion rate, 60Hz native refresh rate, 4K UHD upscaling, 3 HDMI inputs including 2.0a support, 1 USB port and much more.


You’ll be pleased to hear that this budget TV also comes with HDR or High Dynamic Range as well, so you’ll be able to enjoy a much higher picture quality than what you are used to and it will be great for gaming as well.

Just remember though that it isn’t the highest quality of HDR that you are getting with the Sharp LC-55P6000U as it doesn’t support HDR10, meaning that PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owners won’t see the best quality output.



Still though, it is highly impressive for a TV that could be under $300 during the sales so there is going to be a lot of demand for it we feel. Take a look at the official specs sheet for this model above, which we have picked out for you for a closer look.

As this is a brand new model selling in November 2017, there are currently no Sharp LC-55P6000U reviews online at the time of writing. If you manage to pick one up though, leave your user reviews below though in our discussion section and let us know what you think about it as a heads-up to other buyers.

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  • MGW

    Well all the issues posted here are valid complaints. And all Sharp wants to do is trouble shoot them. Yet with all these complaints, you would think they would do some firmware updates to fix the issues. That being said I hope I can help with a few. But the halo effect I can not.

    1) the beeping with the sound- change the audio setting to PCM. Which will give you the pure sound of whatever is being sent to the tv. and sounds much better than any of the other options. (raw-DD)
    2) the dark screen when watching 4k hdr-10. On this mode of viewing all you have to do is boost the contrast. Remember all modes and inputs, plus video resolution can be adjusted differently and will be saved. I have also found for 90% of viewing droping the back light to 50-55 really helps the picture. But for HDR content all you have to do is increase the contrast. And lower brightness to 40-44.
    3) tv completely locking up and having issues with apps. This all happens when you use the YOUTUBE app. ( sad this company cant do an app update) Leave tv on when having lock up or menu issues. Then unplug while it is on. Leave off for a couple minuets. Plug back in. You will it works ok with most apps until you use YOUTUBE again.

  • Brad Shawger

    Please help! I can’t get the beeping every time I change the channel with spectrum cable. It also make the sound on fast forward, reverse or pause.

    • Karen Lattanzio

      I had an annoying clicking/ticking when changing channels, it sounded electrical. I called Sharp as well as Spectrum. Neither had a solution. Sharp said they were working on it. I had decided to lose Spectrum when I bought this tv and signed up with Direct TV. The clicking went away with Spectrum.

  • BWX

    This is not the best place to discuss this TV as these comments sections are heavily moderated. Maybe AVS forum.

    • Alyssa Franks

      yeah but there’s only one post on the avs forum abt this set…

  • Josh Kent

    I was just sold this tv new in box off of offer up for 360.00 delivered to my door…..I’m wondering if i got ripped off or should feel blessed here any suggestions??? Someone broke in my home and destroyed my 65 inch LG plasma and I needed a fast replacement and was on a budget…..wanted a 65 or 70 but settled for this as it was,new and more advanced although I don’t take much advantage of smart options as i am a novice at tvs n just watch movies and what is antenna ready for now

  • Kishma

    I just bought this TV yesterday and so far my issue is, I have it set up to Spectrum cable and when i turn the channels, I get a chime or ping like sound each time I switch channels, any suggestions?

    • Brad Shawger

      Me too. It’s driving me nuts. Have you found out how to turn it off?

      • Karen Lattanzio

        Yes , see my comment above. Mine went away when I left Spectrum. Not sure if it’s coincidental or not but no more ticking.

  • Ron Holzer

    Got this set purely due to the price. Disappointed there were no reviews or floor models to view prior to getting this. The halo light bleed around the entire edge of the panel is enough for me to take it back. Not sure if this is a one-off or if all panels suffer this. Tried making some simple brightness adjustments but that didnt work.

    • BWX

      No it isn’t just yours, the backlight bleed through is absolutely terrible. I got it for $298 to replace a very nice but very old TV that had it’s own problems. It is a fine for now but if I paid more I would take it back. It’s a pretty terrible panel in many ways.

      • RAH_JR

        Glad to know. I took it back and got a Samsung 58 and LOVE it.

  • MG

    I can say this, this TV is very good for watching up to Full HD resolution contents. However, once you try to watch HDR content, it is a different story.

    I have HDR TV shows in my Netflix subscription and my experience with watching HDR is not pleasant. The moment I played Defenders (HDR), the screen became very dark. I couldn’t continue watching because I can barely follow up with what is going on without noticing how annoyingly dark the screen is. I spent some time trying to adjust brightness and other setting but with no hope. So, yes, you can’t have everything for 298. But, in general it is not bad.

  • Bill DH

    Picked it up at Walmart for $300. My first 4K set. Was skeptical about the quality, but the price was just too good to pass up. Picture quality is good. Color is vibrant. Watching cable/TV programs are great.

    My biggest complaint, however, came when watching the blue-ray content (i.e. 24Hz movie content from blue-ray player or streamed from a local PC). The motion blurring and/or stuttering effect, particularly for horizontal panning movement scenes, were quite visible and distracting. This is primarily, I think, due to the fact that this is a 60Hz panel (yes, 60Hz native refresh rate). The on-board video processing can only do so much (or not enough?) to compensate for it. If this is a true 120Hz panel, it would be easier. But at this price range, it is unrealistic to expect that. Even if you have 120Hz panel, you would still need a powerful CPU and a “good” algorithm to do the job (4K set has 4X more pixels per frame compared to 1080p set). In other words, we might never get a good motion correction for low-end (or even mid-tier) 4K set. For comparison, my non-4K Samsung 120Hz TV (UN60H6350) do the motion correction almost perfectly for blue-ray playback.

    In short summary, this TV is still a great value. If you are watching TV/cable programs most of the time, no issue. If you watch lot of blue-ray movies, you may not like the blurring/stuttering artifact.

    • BWX

      Haven’t watched blu-ray on it yet. I do watch a blu ray often. Hope it isn’t too bad!

    • Bill DH

      Just a follow up here. Went to store again today to check out another set – LG 55″ (55UJ6200/6300), on sale for $499. It is also a 60Hz panel, but it handles 24p content (blue-ray movies) beautifully. No obvious distracting judders/stutters were observed. So 60Hz panel can play 24p content correctly as long the on-board processing is done properly. Obviously, this Sharp TV does not do the job well here. But for this price, you can’t get everything.

      • Alyssa Franks

        If anyone else can verify that this is happening and just not a one-off issue… I will try and get mine set up shortly and verify it’s across the line.

        • Bill DH

          A good test here is to play “Hobbit – The Unexpected Journey”. At ~2:00 mark, a few seconds after Bilbo wrote down the words “It began long ago..”, there are several good sequences with panning movement thatcan review how good your TV set processes the 24p images. The 1st one is the display of the Shire map – the map will move from right to left. Pay attention to all details on the map (letters, markings, etc). If the 24p playback is processed properly (here, good video processing must insert interpreted frames to match 60Hz display), the flow of the map should be stable, continuous, smooth with no pausing/stutters/jitters. All features on the map should be clear and in stable movement as a whole. If the flow of the map is not stable as described above, then this TV set is not doing the 24p playback properly (or, Not Good Enough).

          The next sequence is people on the live market. Again pay attention to people figures that moved crossing the screen,as a result of panning movement of the camera. A good 24p playback shall produce stable moving images.

          There are couple of more good panning sequences, like the moving house roofs (in front the Erebor) and the scenes showing the architecture inside the Erebor (the part after the prince walking up to the King).

          Any scenes with panning movement can be used to test the 24p playback.

        • Alyssa Franks

          Thank you- How did you know I have a bdd of the hobbit LOL
          anyway knowing what to look for is great. It’s not a good deal if down the road I end up getting upset at the quality of the images. I’d rather spend the extra 2 hundred for the Samsung 55″
          I’ll unbox & set up soon

        • Bill DH

          I meant to post the reply as a general info. My wife had no idea what I was talking about until I showed her exactly what to look for. If you never noticed it before, it might not bother you (most people like Vizio TV, for this reason, due to their lower price). Since I deal with images a lot in my work, I could not bare the stuttering. So this is a no-no for me.

      • Bill DH

        A little surprise I learned over the weekend: Not all TV will do 24p properly. Even the Vizio M-series (I tested 65″ M-E0) is doing a terrible job. I am quite disappointed with Vizio since I am really interested in M series 65″. Samsung and LG TVs, on the other hand, are handling the 24p playback beautiful. I tested, at the store, 6300 model from both brands.

        • Luso Aravot

          After reading your comments I did test too. I bought this Sharp LC-55P6000 and Samsung 55MU6290. have next to each other and couldnt decide which one to keep. After running “Hobbit – The Unexpected Journey”. I can see how Sharp is failing.Samsung did good job, but I like how Sharp is simple to navigate. remote is good too.

        • Bill DH

          I did the exactly the same as you! But I ended up keeping the MU6290. One of my friend took over the Sharp TV from me, since she dosen’t care about the blue-ray movies.

  • Palki

    I bought sharp LC-55P6000u tv from walmart yesterday 298 $.still finding use of some remote features which i don’t know.

    a) 4 colored buttons(red/green/yellow/blue) – just got to know these are special functions buttons but how to use them.
    b) cc button
    c) VUDU is not working.showing try to reconnect every time
    d) Where is web browser.TV specs shows that it has web browser but i am unable to find it.
    e) NRT

    if any of you has answers to my questions please let me know

    • MG

      Hi Palki,
      a) The colored buttons work with live TV. They appear on the channel list Menu; one used to add channels to favorite and another to delete channels …etc.
      b) CC: close caption: used to disable/enable caption
      c) Make sure you’re connected to the internet/try Ethernet instead of wireless. I don’t have this problem in my TV
      d) I think there is no web browser. I searched every bit in the TV menu and Apps but I couldn’t find any. HOWEVER, you can use “TV Cast” app which is available on both your smart phone store and your TV. This app lets you cast any web page from your smart phone to your TV.
      e) NRT: to turn on/off video description

      • Palki

        Thanks . I tried but still vudu is not working ?
        are you able to cast your windows laptop to tv.

    • BWX

      My TV basically froze up yesterday after watching netflix, then youtube on the apps, and nothing would work. Even after shutting it off for several minutes and turning it back on.

      Unplug the TV from power for a few minutes and then plug it back in. I noticed the menus and apps working better after that. This TV is buggy and low quality.

      • Alyssa Franks

        It might also be able to accept a firm ware update-…

  • KIV

    I bought this TV yesterday. The picture is beautiful. Tne problem, however, is that only the 4 apps on the remote work. None of the other preinstalled apps do anything except take me to a blank screen from which I can only turn the set off and then on again to resolve. What am I doing wrong?

    • MG

      It seems off! I don’t have this problem. Try to manufacture reset your TV and see if the problem solved or not.

    • Baine Sumpin

      I am having the exact same problem have tried everything nothing work except the 4preprogramed one on th remote, all the others freeze the tv in a black screen.

  • evilpatrick

    I’m picking the TV up tonight. I did contact a sharp representative and they told me that it did support hdr10. I will give my review here in a few days.

  • Andrew Jaeger

    I bought this TV yesterday. Does this mean I plug the HDMI end into the Xbox One X and the USB into the TV?

    • Nick Tenney

      According to their support, yes.

      • ItisI

        @nick_tenney:disqus so which cable would work? I couldn’t find an HDMI to USB cable online that passes video data. The link @AGiantSloar:disqus mentioned is a HDMI to mini displayport, which can connect to computers, but not video game systems.

  • BWX

    What i noticed so far:

    I have a big area of back light bleeding through on dark scenes that’s brighter on top right corner that looks like garbage.

    Off axis the colors get washed out and blacks get gray quickly.

    Back light is uneven and blotchy all across the screen on a white background especially off-axis.

    hooked up to my PC via HDMI through a receiver and it will only go up
    to 1080p. Maybe it’s because of the receiver, it is old. I checked the
    enhanced HDMI setting in TV. Weird thing is in resolution modes on PC
    there is a “PC” section and that only goes up to 1280×1024 so not sure
    what’s up with that. I’ll have to hook up HDMI directly to TV to see what happens, but then how do I get my sound to go through AVR?

    temperature settings are messed up. “Low” and “Mid-Low” are exactly the
    same, and look to be “mid”, not low, and quite blue. “Medium” is crazy
    bright, like 5 times brighter than the lowest two, and then “high”
    doesn’t look a lot different than Medium, but a little darker. Very
    weird. Seems bugged and/or broken. This is all in theater mode with all
    dynamic stuff turned off.

    For $300 it looks ok so far. It’s not
    some kind of amazing panel though.So far it seems below average to me.
    Brightness and contrast setting are tough to get right without blowing
    out whites or crushing blacks. My 2007 LC-52D62U 52″ 1080p Aquos that
    cost $3000 had a much nicer picture when new. It degraded to the point
    it had dark splotches that were annoying so I had to replace it. Still
    works though and lasted almost 11 years. If I paid anywhere near full
    price for this LC-55P6000U I’d probably return it.

    I’ll get a
    nicer high end TV some time in the future but for now this is ok, and it
    was an great deal. Don’t expect anything that looks amazing though, it
    is average at best as far as I can tell so far.

    Seems this website is heavily censoring comments, I will try to post links to pic of what I am seeing. Who knows if you’ll ever see this. They deleted it before.

    • Patrick Maculski

      Standard HDMI 1.4 cables only support up to 1080p resolutions. Try upgrading your video cable to a 2.0 version that fully supports 4K video streaming. It should make a world of difference as along as your graphics card can handle or support it.

      • BWX

        Thanks. Yup it is an Nvidia GTX 1070. I think maybe even if I get the better cables my old Yamaha receiver might not pass through the signal. That’s going to blow because will need a separate HDMI for audio and that screws up HDCP protocol. Ahh well.

    • Jason Martial Artist

      Your receiver (and any other connections) have to have hdmi 2.0 chip ..your old reciever does not.

  • Brad Shawger

    I just bought this tv and every time I change the Chanel it beeps. Anyone able to help me out on how to turn the beep off?

    • Kishma

      I’m trying to find out the same thing. If I don’t get an answer I’m taking it back. There must be something that can turn it off.

      • Freddy Hansen

        I am having the same issue but only with my Spectrum connection. No one seems to know what the problem is. I’ve went through each setting and upgraded my HDMI and optic cables and even contacted Sharp customer support but nothing helps.

        • Keith Tackel

          Same issue here, I have looked at every setting I can find but nothing helps. Sounds like Sharp support doesn’t know either based on Freddy’s comment. It is annoying enough that I will take it back if it can’t be fixed.

          I like the picture (coming from an old 42″ Vizio) but between the beeping, lack of a web browser that it is advertised with and limited (good) apps I may take it back for the TCL Roku 55 or something.

  • Fernando pimentel

    hey guys! I need help I just went Black Friday shopping and I bought a sharp 65 inch 4k model # lc-65p6000u but I can’t find any specs on sharps website or online. I called sharp and rep was awesome but he said its a new 2017 model and the specs haven’t been updated on website.. thats kinda un-pleasuring to hear but does anyone know if this a good buy or a must return lol! some specs would be good.

    • Patrick Maculski

      Standard HDMI 1.4 cables only support up to 1080p resolutions. Try upgrading your video cable to a 2.0 version that fully supports 4K video streaming. It should make a world of difference as along as your graphics card can handle or support it.

  • BWX

    Just got one for $298 at walmart. Still messing with settings.. It is ok.. so far doesn’t seem to be a great panel, but I needed a TV and this is a great deal. Not horrible. Only had it on for about an hour though.

    • Anne Ominous

      Can the “soap opera” effect be disabled on this set? Most 120 hz motion sets have it enabled by default but I can’t stand it.

      • BWX

        Apparently this website deletes negative comments about products. I replied but now it is deleted.

      • BWX

        I will try again… I don’t think so, but I don’t notice that soap opera effect. I hate it too, and I do not see it while watching TV, etc.

    • Brad Shawger

      Can you tell me how to turn off the beep when you change the channel?

      • BWX

        There is an option for menu audio under “accessibility”.. But they are off by default. I don’t use the TV tuner, so I have not heard those beeps.

      • Kishma

        I need to know how to turn this off or I’ll just take it back.

  • Ryan Perry

    What is the distance between the legs?

    • BWX

      The distance between the legs is about 38 inches where they connect to TV, and the spread out to about 41 inches. Quite ridiculous if you ask me. My old TV had a pedestal type mount and you could put it on a much smaller surface. You could also swivel the TV a lot more. This one needs a huge long surface. I guess I will get a wall mount because it is stuck up against the wall and I want to swivel it more but can’t. Just bought TV today.

  • DK

    I cant use the web browser feature. I dont know if it even have it . any one has an idea?

    • BWX

      There is no web browser that I can see anywhere.

  • Serg

    I’m confused, why wont this tv be good for ps4 pro/xbox x owners if the specs say it has HDR? am i missing something?

    • Jordan Honeycutt

      The article says it doesn’t support HDR10, which is the format used by these consoles. The spec says “HDR” but I don’t know what format it is specifically. There is a chance that the article is wrong, as there are only two major specs for HDR, so it is either HRD10, or much less likely dolby vision.

      • Nick Tenney

        It does HDR10 via USB. So if you want to use HDR10 for an XboneX or PS4 Pro, you would want to get an HDMI to USB adapter. They have one for $10 at Best Buy.

        • Erick Horning

          No such thing exists.

      • Jordan Musser

        4k 10bit and hdr 10 is what you want for ps4 and xb1x. I have had no such luck finding out if this tv has either. But what I do know if that it should do just the job in my living room for standard tv and some occasional movies. To be honest if I was looking for a tv for a ps4 or xb1x or for intense movies I wouldn’t settle for anything other than an oled and that is just me being honest.

  • Brad.H

    $300 for a 55-inch 4K TV with HDR? Save one for me Walmart…

    • elexperto

      Best Buy is having this one for $179

      Sharp – 50″ Class (49.5″ Diag.) – LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD TV Roku TV

      • Zach O’Donnell

        FALSE. Be careful with that one. It is only 60hz (which sucks). You will see streaking when things are moving on the screen. ONLY ever get tvs that have at least 120 motion rate it removes that streaking effect.

        • daina Deaton

          The one at best buy is 60hz? and the one at walmart is 120hz? is this correct?

        • Zach O’Donnell

          Yes I checked the model number with Sharp and to my knowledge that is correct! The best buy deal is eh not great, but the Walmart deal is insane (given the picture quality is decent). I had purchased a 49″ polaroid TV and the colors are off a bit so I am returning that and getting this Walmart deal tonight! Hopefully it does the trick!

        • Adil Patel

          This TV says its native refresh rate is 60 hz. Isn’t that the same thing as the bestbuy TV? Or is there a difference between motion rate and hertz?

        • Zach O’Donnell

          All of these TV will be 60hz but ones with a motion rate of 120 look better. This is because they will add a black frame in between each frame. This reduces the ghosting effect behind people as they move or a blurry look as there is motion. I would stay away from anything that does not have a motion rate of at least 120.

        • fred1738

          Let us know what you think of it if you get one.

        • DK

          Do you know how to enable the web browser on this 55p6000u model? this is the model in this article and it say it does have web browser but cant find it no where

        • Keith Tackel

          No web browser, I called Sharp. Incorrect specs… or as I like to say false advertising.

        • Josh Kent

          Wal-Mart’s have sold out…..people are selling these tvs on resale sites new in box for 400 and better…..I paid 360 delivered to my door not knowing…..I’m wondering if i should feel ripped off or like i got a bargain….really torn on how to feel