When Steam Halloween Sale 2017 starts with date leak

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2017

We are not long away from Halloween, so we thought it would be a good idea to let you know when the Steam Halloween 2017 sale starts since most of you will be looking forward to this with wallets ready at the waiting.

It looks like the start dates have once again been leaked in advance, just as they do every single year so nobody should be surprised with this heads-up.

If the rumors are correct, then the Steam Halloween Sale start time will be on October 26 and it will end on November 1.


Above is a flashback to the 2016 sale, so you can see the huge discounts of up to 80% Off on offer and why many gamers save their money for sales like this as you don’t see discounts like that normally throughout the year.

What game do you have your eye on this year that you want to see during the Halloween sale?

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