Nintendo Switch bundle with Super Mario Odyssey best price

Super Mario Odyssey is out this week and as you can imagine, it is attracting a lot of attention. For those that are specifically looking for a Nintendo Switch bundle with Super Mario Odyssey, we have lined up what looks to be the best price online currently to save you some money.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27 and many retailers are offering a bundle along with the Nintendo Switch console to tempt you into a purchase.

Having looked around, it seems that GAME UK and Smyths UK currently offer the best deals for the Nintendo Switch bundle with Super Mario Odyssey online.


At GAME, you can pay £309 for the console and the game which is the best price we have seen so far. Alternatively, you can go to Smyths and buy a similar package for £320 but this will be for the Limited Edition Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle – this includes two red controllers and a mario carry case when going portable.

We predict that there will be better deals on the horizon soon, but if you are looking for the best prices ahead of launch this could be as good as it gets for the moment.

Have you seen any better prices anywhere else? Let us know in the discussion section below!



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