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iPhone X released early with leaked video

Everyone is waiting to pre-order the iPhone X on October 27 ready for shipping on November 3, but it looks like the device has already found its way to the public domain with multiple iPhone X leaked videos showing the new model in the hands of users already.

We have no idea how this has happened, but the people responsible clearly hasn’t taken the care to ensure that their identity remains anonymous.

Take a look at the video below which was posted to Reddit recently, showing not only the new iPhone X fully operational but what appears to be with a new dynamic moving iPhone X wallpaper as well.

Another iPhone X in the wild from apple

On top of this, the more incriminating pictures show a second iPhone X in the wild along with the text, ‘Confidential and proprietary’ attached to the screen along with a number to call.



This could mean that this is a test unit which is connected to an Apple employee, but clearly that person hasn’t disguised it well given the personal wallpaper used.

What are your thoughts on the fact that there are now iPhone X models being used two weeks before the global release date?



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