iPhone X pre-order date at midnight with resell fears

We are not long away now from the first opportunity to buy the highly anticipated iPhone X which comes with premium hardware specs compared to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Now we have a quick heads-up so you are absolutely clear on when the iPhone X pre-order date is for US and UK markets.

What time will the iPhone X pre-order go live: For those still unaware, this will be on October 27 and it could be a midnight sale to get prepared for. Apple hasn’t announced the full details of how the pre-order format will be scheduled on October 27, but the minute the Apple Store goes down you know that it will be coming back up with those iPhone X pre-order pages that will literally be sold out in minutes.


You are going to need to be extremely quick, as there is also the huge problem of those just buying bulk units with the intention of reselling for a profit. It happens with every single iPhone launch and it is going to be even more so with the iPhone X.

It is no secret that Apple is going to struggle to meet demand for the iPhone X, especially on October 27 when half the world is literally ramming their store at the same time – there is going to be a lot of disappointment, guaranteed.

Are you preparing for this eventuality by staying up at midnight for the iPhone X pre-order time? Who doesn’t mind admitting that they are planning to get one solely to resell knowing that demand is going to outweigh what Apple can supply during the first wave of units?



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