iPhone X release date preview after delay fears

By Alan Ng - Oct 10, 2017

With the iPhone 8 now out, everyone is waiting for for the iPhone X with Apple pushing back the release date to November 2017 in order to sufficiently meet huge demand that is expected.

For those that need a recap, the iPhone X release date for US and UK is scheduled for November 3 as the first shipping date.

This is one week after iPhone X pre-orders start on October 27 but recently there has been rumors suggesting that Apple may struggle to meet the November 3 ship date.


Financial News Wire Brightware has revealed according to sources that Apple may be forced to further delay the shipments of iPhone X until December.

While we don’t anticipate the iPhone X October 27 pre-order to be affected, if true it could just mean that you won’t get your device on November 3 and may have to wait longer.

Hopefully this won’t be the case, but forget the 1 million shipment figure – there are going to be 1 million disappointed buyers on November 3 if their iPhone X does not arrive on time.

What are your thoughts on this – could the Apple X really be delayed into December?

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  • Jurassic

    All that this proves is that it is extremely easy for anyone with a Twitter account to start an unsubstantiated (or false) rumor… Of course, we already knew that thanks to “Dear Leader”. 🙄