Snapchat down with major outage on Oct 9

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2017

We can see that Snapchat is currently in the middle of what looks to be a major outage worldwide, with Snapchat down and not working as of October 9, 2017.

We were alerted to this from our Snapchat outage tracker, which sends prompts to us whenever there is a problem with the app and if it is deemed a minor or major outage.

Judging by the panic on Twitter, it looks like this is a global outage as many users are wondering what to do with no official statement from Snapchat regarding the downtime.


Does Snapchat really go down at the most inconvenient times as one user above suggests, or are you generally happy with the performance of the app?

If Snapchat is still not working for you right now, give us your status below and we’ll update this article once we have an update from the developers to share.

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