Samsung Galaxy S8 deal for UK with amazing £100 off

If you are hunting for the best deals on the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the UK, we have just seen an amazing offer that won’t last forever and can save you a lot of money.

How would you like to buy the Galaxy S8 Sim-free with £100 off with no catch whatsoever? That is what BT is currently offering on their shop with a final price of £589 – buy it here as stock is running out fast.

As far as we’re aware, this is the best price we have seen for Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone anywhere – even Samsung themselves charge £689 on their website for comparison purposes.


BT states that this is a limited deal and at the time of writing there are 50 in stock for the Midnight Black colour but only 16 units in stock of Orchid Grey.

Express delivery is available for next day shipping so buy it now to take advantage of this huge discount while it is still valid.

Have you seen a better deal elsewhere? Let us know.



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