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Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet with iPad Pro boast

We have a reminder that Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet goes on sale very soon and for those that wanted to know how good the Fire HD 10 is Vs the iPad Pro from Apple, Amazon has made some bold claims against their rival.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 release date is coming up on October 11 and Amazon has cut the price down to £150 whilst upgrading some of the features to make it a nice alternative to the more expensive iPad Pro.

What we wanted to highlight though is Amazon’s claim that the new Fire HD 10 tablet is ‘more durable’ than the iPad Pro 10.5-inch as you can see on Amazon’s listing below:


According to their tests the Fire HD 10 is more durable than the iPad Pro and they throw another punch by saying it is a lot cheaper too – the iPad Pro 10.5-inch costs £619 for the cheapest model.

With double the storage at 32GB, a better display screen and improved battery life compared to the 2015 Fire HD 10, are you planning to buy this new version this year?

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Pre-order the Amazon Fire HD 10 for £149.99 here which is ready for delivery on October 11 and let us know what you think about the iPad Pro claims of durability.



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