Google Pixel 2 XL front preview from last minute leak

As we told you in our article earlier this week, we are now just hours away from Google’s Pixel 2 event which will take place on October 4.

Before that though, we still have time to bring you one last minute leak of the confirmed Google Pixel 2 XL front design thanks to EVLeaks.

They are back once again with the goods and have delivered this ultra close up of the front side for you to drool over.

Features will include a larger six-inch QHD+ display compared to the Pixel 2 which will be a 5-inch display with a 1080p resolution.

You can see from the latest pictures that it will have a larger display bezel, but still not entirely edge-to-edge which will be an interesting contrast to the iPhone X which is full edge-to-edge minus the now-infamous notch.

What do you think of the final design, do you love it? Don’t forget to tune into the live stream here as it is going to be an unmissable event!



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