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Super Mario Run Price drop with Daisy unlock

If you haven’t played Super Mario Run yet, now is the perfect time to experience Nintendo’s first official mobile game as it now is available on both iOS and Android with a big price cut.

For a limited time only, Super Mario Run is now $5 on both platforms, which is a 50% discount from the usual price of $10.

This price will only stay until October 12 so if you want to unlock all content in the game now is the chance to do it at a lower price – the game remains free to download if you just want to try it.


The price cut coincides with a major Super Mario Run update which adds the new Remix 10 game mode, the ability to listen to your own music and also Daisy as a new playable character.


For those that want help on how to unlock Daisy in Super Mario Run, we’ve added a video below which should help you out!

What are your thoughts on the new $5 price tag for Super Mario Run, would you recommend this to those that haven’t tried it?



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