Xbox One X pre-order now at Best Buy Vs Walmart

As Microsoft opened up new Xbox One X pre-orders in the UK this week, attention has now shifted over to the US with many gamers asking when the Xbox One X pre-orders at Best Buy and Walmart will begin.

There appears to have been a major leak with regards to Walmart, who posted an early Ad confirming that they will be offering new Xbox One X pre-orders on Thursday September 21 but only when you go to your nearest store and not online.


As for Best Buy, we haven’t heard too many details yet, except for this Tweet from Best Buy Canada which suggests that you may be able to get your hands on Xbox One X pre-orders online on September 20 at 10am Pacific Time or 1pm Eastern Time.

If this applies to US orders as well, then stock is going to be extremely limited so we suggest you act quick.

Keep checking Best Buy’s Xbox One X pre-order page here as you may be able to make a purchase very soon and once stock is gone there could be another long wait – especially if Walmart are only committing to in-store pre-orders.

Are you trying to order this console now? Let us know if you manage to secure a system!



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