Destiny 2 Merciless Exotic review with OP fears

Destiny 2 has now arrived in the hands of gamers after a long wait and straight away it looks like we have an early contender for most OP weapon in the entire game.

We have a quick Destiny 2 Merciless Exotic review to bring you now, as this is one of the highest DPS weapons in Destiny 2 and a weapon that Xur can sell in his shop every Friday.

Merciless is an exotic fusion rifle that right now appears to be one of the best weapons to use in the Leviathan raid. Special perks include Conserve Momentum which can increase the weapon’s charge speed for every hit that doesn’t kill.


Another great ability of it is the Impetus trait which increases your DPS even more if you reload after a kill making it very dangerous indeed.

One of the best reviews for this weapon is available to watch below, courtesy of MTashed which is closing in one a quarter of a million views.

Do you think it is only a matter of time before Bungie gives the Merciless a quick nerf in the next balance update? Leave your thoughts on this weapon in our discussion section, especially if you think you have a better weapon for DPS output or if you picked this up from a lucky engram or Xur!



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