iPhone X leaked with Wireless Charging feature

Some potentially damaging information to Apple exploded all over the weekend on social media, revealing that Apple’s Special Edition iPhone is going to be called the iPhone X.

The iPhone X is reportedly going to be in addition to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models and will serve as the company’s premium model which will ship with an OLED display and edge-to-edge screen.

Thanks to details of the iOS 11 GM beta leaking out, it looks like the iPhone X is also going to have Wireless Charging as well included as a premium feature.


You can see evidence of this above thanks to developer Guilherme Rambo and it is thought that iPhone X Wireless Charging will work in a similar way to how it works on the Apple Watch – so think inductive charging.

It would be amazing if we can finally say goodbye to cables on the iPhone X since most of them break anyway after prolonged use.

What is your reaction to the iPhone X leaking if true and if this is the $1000 phone that has been rumored for months?



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