LA Noire shock on Nintendo Switch Vs PS4, Xbox One

LA Noire has just been given a surprise announcement by Rockstar, as it is coming to PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately though, there is once again shock as it turns out the Switch version won’t be getting the same treatment as its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts.

It’s now been confirmed that while PS4 and Xbox One owners will get a full remaster of the original, Nintendo Switch owners are only getting the original game without any of the bells and whistles.

Going deeper into this, the official FAQ states the following about both titles:

While some of you may be worried about the differences between the versions, it is still important to remember that this will be the first game that Rockstar has brought out on a Nintendo system since GTA Chinatown Wars – that in itself is a huge victory if you think about that.

We personally are very happy to see that the Switch version won’t be delayed though compared to PS4 and Xbox One. Rockstar has confirmed nice and early that November 14 is the date in which all three platforms will get the game so save that date in your calendar.

Are you bothered by the fact that the Switch version won’t be the ‘Remastered’ version that PS4 and Xbox One users will get? Let us know your thoughts below.

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