iPhone 8 fingerprint scanner on display in new video

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2017

As we build up to the eve of Apple’s iPhone 8 event next week, there has been a lot of rumors suggesting that Apple will completely ditch the idea of fingerprint Touch ID in favor of a facial recognition scanner.

However, we continue to see other leaks suggesting that this won’t be the case. Here we have a recent video surfacing from China appearing to show the iPhone 8 with a working fingerprint scanner built into the display.

We already know that it is almost certain the iPhone 8 will not have a physical home button this year. However, the debate is not yet over on whether there will be a fingerprint scanner.

Many users still want to have that function and we know many of you would also hate for it to be included on the back of the phone too as it wouldn’t be as comfortable as when using on the front.

Check out the video above though and let us know what you think of it. Obviously it could just be another China fake like thousands before it, but what if this is accurate and Apple has somehow managed to make the technology work when using a virtual home button?

It would be amazing if true, so we what to know what you would prefer. Fingerprint scanner yes or no – if yes, on the front or back?

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  • Patryk

    nice fake 😉 anyway, hope that their fingerprint scanner gonna be twice better than this poor in 7+ … my iPhone 6 was better and also Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge had better one… clicky are better because you’re cleaning by click… not just little touch which keeps more dirty marks and next touch is just next layer.

  • Benny

    Chinese fakes!