Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shipping early ahead of release date

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2017

Samsung has set an official Galaxy Note 8 release date of September 15, but if reports are to be believed this week, the company are making many pre-order customers very happy by shipping devices more than one week ahead of schedule.

We are getting reports through about early shipping notices for those that ordered their Galaxy Note 8 direct from Samsung’s website dating back to August 25.

If you also ordered your device on this date or before from Samsung direct, there is a good chance you have also received the same shipping notice so make sure you check your inbox.


There could be a nice surprise waiting for you at the end of this week when most are expecting the Note 8 to be delivered close to the September 15 release instead.

Is this possibly a late tactic by Samsung to fight off any interest in the iPhone 8 which Apple recently sent out invites for with their upcoming September 12 event?

Let us know if you received the same shipping notice and received your device early!

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