Apple iPhone 8 price preview for US, UK

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2017

If you missed the news recently, Apple has finally confirmed officially what most of us already knew – the highly anticipated iPhone 8 event taking place in early September.

We now know that this will be on September 12 at 10am Pacific Time at the Steve Jobs Theater which is the first time an event will be held at the new venue.

What better way to show off a new iPhone to the world? Before that though, there is the little matter of price as there has been strong reports that the iPhone 8 price will be the highest we’ve ever seen and we can see that on social media a lot of you are worried about it.


If we are to believe the whispers, those asking how much the iPhone 8 will cost in the USA and UK may be shocked with the following details. The price is rumored to be $1000 in the US, meaning if true we could see a £770-780 price in the UK which is a massive price hike compared to the iPhone 7 pricing.

Of course nothing is confirmed yet, but with upgrades such as an OLED display, facial recognition and a rumored starting storage of 64GB it is starting to become a forgone conclusion that this new iPhone is going to be priced at the very high end of the market.

Is it still too crazy though for you to contemplate paying $1000 for a smartphone? Let us know your thoughts on this and simply tell us if $1000 is too much for you.

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  • Peter

    No wonder Apple is forecast to be the first trillion dollar company! Given the iPhone 7 costs about $225 to manufacture (per various online sites’ break-down of the phone) and the iPhone 8 will not cost more than $300, even allowing for R&D costs, etc., Apple is gouging its fan base.

    Then again, Samsung isn’t any better: Its phones are also overpriced, the Android OS on its phones updates late and updates stop after 2 years on average, the company loads too much of its own bloatware on its phones and it is run by a bunch of crooks (the Samsung heir was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison).

  • Moses Herve Johnson II

    whoa, iphones and samsungs are becoming phones of the 1 percent, them prices are hugely expensive for the average joe