Pokemon Go Gen 3 release date excitement

By Alan Ng - Aug 25, 2017

Pokemon Go players have had some very exciting news this week, with the revelation that Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go are officially coming and on the way in the next major update.

This information has been leaked inside the game itself, datamined by TheSilphRoad from the latest V0.71.0 update meaning that this is definitely happening.

What is even more exciting is that it looks like Niantic are planning to bring all 135 Gen 3 Pokemon to the game, including Gen 3 Legendary creatures such as Deoxys and Rayquaza.


Above is the datamined details as proof, also revealing that 73 new candy types are coming and also a Super Incubator has been discovered in the same code as well.

Since Niantic has put all of this data inside the game code in the latest update, it shouldn’t be long until we get the official Pokemon Go Gen 3 release date confirmation.

Are you excited about this? Let us know what Gen 3 Pokemon you would like to see first.

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