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Pokemon Go Plus update for new Balls, Spin Gyms

The Pokemon Go Plus device is now widely available to buy, but early buyers have noticed that there are some problems with it that need immediate attention with a Pokemon Go Plus update for new features.

This has become more apparent with a recent update that didn’t address the main issue that players are facing: This being that Pokemon Go Plus or Pogo+ only uses Red balls to catch Pokemon and not Great or Ultra Balls which players would prefer.

Using only Red Balls means that the rarity of Pokemon caught using the Plus device are not good at all and it questions why you would need to buy it if you can’t use it properly to get the Pokemon you need the most.


Another problem with the device is that the Pokemon Go Plus doesn’t spin gym discs. We have no idea why Niantic hasn’t sorted this out yet, so let us know if you agree that this is a priority fixed needed.

Niantic will act as soon as enough people make their voices heard. Let us know what problems you have with Pokemon Go Plus and make a list so Niantic can fix everything soon.



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