Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle pre-order price, release date

Minecraft fans are about to go into dreamland right now, thanks to the announcement of a Minecraft Xbox One S Bundle which features a custom designed console and controller!

The design is absolutely stunning as well and you will be able to pick it up as soon as October. The release date for the Minecraft Xbox One S bundle has been confirmed as October 3, 2017, while the price for the bundle will be £350.

This is a Limited Edition bundle and the contents are as follows inside the box:

– 1TB Custom Minecraft Xbox One S console
– Custom Green Minecraft Creeper Controller
– Digital Copy of Minecraft
– Digital code for Minecraft Redstone pack
– Vertical stand

We have a feeling that this is going to be an extremely hot product when it comes to Christmas time so we suggest you get your orders in fast before stock runs out.


To pre-order the Minecraft Xbox One S bundle, head to the Microsoft store here. If you just want to buy the Minecraft Xbox One S controller separately, you can do so here. The controllers are available from September 12, 2017.

For the female Minecraft players out there, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about you either – you can pre-order the Pink Minecraft Pig controller here as well which looks amazing too.


Will you be buying this bundle and have no problems about the price? Give us your thoughts below and if you need help locating stock in your area.



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