Pokemon Go Mewtwo Raid release time for US, UK

For those that are not aware, this week is set to be one of the most exciting weeks in Pokemon Go history. As most will know, the Zapdos raid is coming to an end and there’s massive speculation that we could see the release of the Mewtwo Raid in Pokemon Go for US and UK players straight after.

Mewtwo is live in the game now for players in Japan, after an exclusive event in Yokohama Stadium were players were able to catch the Legendary beast.

Although Niantic hasn’t confirmed what time the Mewtwo Raid is out for US and UK, the Zapdos raid is ending soon and it is the last event on the list.

It would make sense for Mewtwo to come next and if true then a 2am release time for UK and 9PM Eastern Time, 6PM Pacific Time could be worth looking out for. The only thing that could stop this is if Niantic decide to start the rotation again by putting Articuno and Moltres raids back into the cycle until August 31.

If we find some more details on this, we will update this article but for now let us know if you are excited about the potential release of Mewtwo this week.

What is going to be your personal tips for how to catch Mewtwo quickly in Pokemon Go?



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