iPhone 8 display size preview from Apple leak

The iPhone 8 leaks keep coming and once again, Apple’s Homepod has uncovered a few secrets that the company didn’t want you to know about until next month.

Previous code within the Homepod beta revealed iPhone 8 support for infrared face unlock and now new details have been leaked, seemingly confirming that the iPhone 8 display size will be a lot larger than the iPhone 7 which stands at 4.7-inches.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith revealed the information from the first Homepod beta leak and now he has uncovered more details about the iPhone 8 display as you can see below.


This means that it is almost certain that we will see an iPhone 8 display which could reach 5.8-inches. If true, it means that the standard iPhone 8 will be larger in size to the current iPhone 7 Plus which is 5.5-inches.

It could also suggest that the iPhone 8 Plus if it ever comes will be over 6-inches, which is quite staggering since it is getting close to the 7-inch tablet standard size.

The question is, are you ok with going up to 5.8 inches for the iPhone 8 because we know a lot of you believe that 4.7-inches is the perfect size – give us your thoughts on this.



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