Call of Duty WW2 Best Price at Amazon Vs Tesco, Smyths

If you still need to buy Call of Duty WW2, we have a quick heads-up now on where to find the best price for Call of Duty WW2 at Amazon UK, Tesco and Smyths which are three big retailers which will offer the game.

The COD WW2 release date has been set at November 3, 2017 and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC – no Nintendo Switch release unfortunately.

For those looking for the best price, Tesco are currently taking pre-orders for £48. Compare this to GAME who usually offer the most expensive price as a specialist games retailer, it is a very good price that Tesco are offering – GAME are selling the game for £50 right now.

If you live near a local Smyths, you can buy the game from them instead for £48 too, so they are matching Tesco’s price which is a win win situation for the gamer.


However if you are looking for the best price online for Call of Duty WWII, it has to be Amazon UK as you can buy it from them for £48 and get some bonuses on top. These include a animated Nazi Zombies Weapon Camo and also the official PRIMA Strategy Guide for Zombies which is free at no extra cost.

Those are some fantastic bonuses from Amazon and they are exclusive too so you can’t get them anywhere else at the moment.

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Have you seen a better pre-order deal on COD WW2 that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know and we will update this article!



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