Coutinho Barcelona rating shock in FIFA 18

By Alan Ng - Aug 11, 2017

Everyone is talking about Philippe Coutinho at the moment, as the player verges on the possibility of moving to Spanish giants FC Barcelona in a mega money deal.

For the millions of FIFA players out there, this is a massive deal for them as it could mean playing FIFA 18 and seeing Coutinho’s rating for Barcelona upgraded compared to his rating at LFC on FIFA 17.

We can see that YouTubers are already preparing for this likelihood if it does happen and so we can bring you some predictions thanks to ZanOMG, who thinks that Coutinho is going to get upgraded to an 87 on FIFA 18.


If EA agrees, then you can expect to see even better shooting, dribble, pace and passing stats and we imagine that his long shot ability and free kicks will go up even more as well.

What are your thoughts on this potential rating? Remember that the transfer is not confirmed yet and he may stay at Liverpool as the club do not want to sell.

If Coutinho arrives on FIFA 18 though with an 87 rating for Barcelona, is this a good replacement for Neymar on the game?

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