SKY VIP Rewards Levels for Loyalty Scheme Via App

By Alan Ng - Aug 7, 2017

It has been a long time coming, but Sky has finally announced a fully-fledged loyalty rewards system called Sky VIP which gives customers free rewards depending on how long they have been a Sky subscriber for.

There is no catch to this and you just need to download the Sky VIP app on iOS or Android to get started to find out what regards you are eligible for – it’s that simple as long as you are a Sky TV or broadband customer which many of you are.

SKY VIP Reward Levels Chart:

Sky VIP Silver – The first reward is a free Sky Store film download if you have been with Sky from 0-3 years. This movie is yours to keep and there is a nice list to choose from available for viewing on the app.

Sky VIP Gold – The second reward gains the bonus from the previous tier, but also giving customers access to Sky Go Extra. This is available from 3-8 years and allows you to download TV shows to watch on the go whilst also letting you view the Sky Atlantic VIP channel to watch shows such as Game of Thrones 23 hours before they air on the normal Sky Atlantic channel.

Sky VIP Platinum – If you happen to have been a Sky customer for longer, then you would qualify for the 8-15 years bracket which gets you free Sky Fibre broadband setup and Sky Mobile customers get free data allowance too which is really nice.


Sky VIP Black – The ultimate reward for 15 years or more of being a Sky customer is free Sky Q set up worth £115, as well as all of the other rewards on top as well.

Full details on Sky VIP Black, free Premier League Tickets and more can be seen in the FAQ here. Have you just been upgraded to Sky VIP? Let us know if you have any questions.

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  • John lennon

    It’s shite it’s unfair to try and get that rewards as the way they do this . It should be name in a hat get pick . And u have other rewards for cinema movies that are far travel. And times are not good. U have stuff that no one’s going because of these things.