2017 Fitbit Smartwatch release date, features so far

By Alan Ng - Aug 3, 2017

If you love Fitbit and are specifically waiting for the company to release a new product this year, we have some great news to share with you this week regarding the upcoming 2017 Fitbit Smartwatch release date.

Fitbit CEO James Park has said in an earnings call that the new Smartwatch will be out during the Holiday season this year. This means that we should expect to see the 2017 Fitbit available to buy online and in stores towards the end of November and leading into December.

Although details are slim on the device, we can share some initial details on what the 2017 Fitbit Smartwatch features will offer compared to what is already available on the market with devices like the Charge 2.


This device will aim to offer the ‘best’ health and fitness tracking features on the market, with GPS, water resistance up to 50 metres and battery life which Fitbit says will last several days.

We also hear that the new smartwatch will be cross platform compatible as well and there are rumors about possible Spotify integration, but music will definitely play a big part.

Are you excited about the upcoming watch? Let us know if Fitbit is your favorite brand of wearable and what features you personally want to see to convince you to upgrade from your current device.

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  • AJC

    Have seen (leaked) photos of the new FitBit Smartwatch. I currently own a Surge (my fourth in 19 months. Warranty replacements. That’s another story). The new watch seems slimmer and “sleeker” then the Surge. The wristband (a major design and materials flaw on the Surge) still appears not to be replaceable. The charging / interface port still appears to be proprietary and not micro usb. It’s still located on the back of the watch where it caused problems for many users and (the cable connection) wore out quickly for many users. I love the Surge’s concept. For me it’s a 10. The quality and support from FitBit (outside the 12 month warranty) is a 0 (in my opinion). I will wait past its release and watch the FitBit Forum for user reviews then decide if it’s worth it. “Once bitten, twice shy.” Or. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me.” Either way “I’ll be back!”