Atari Speakerhat specs with price disclosed

Atari’s recent comeback with the Ataribox gaming console is not the only new venture coming from the company. We also have confirmation that the company will be bringing the Atari Speakerhat to the world, a hat with built in speakers offering a new listening experience to buyers.

Atari say that you will be able to use the Speakerhat to listen to music, answer calls with the included microwave and connect to any Bluetooth powered device.

It is also going to be suitable for multiplayer gaming though, as Atari has said that the hat will have the ability for users to connect to a single audio stream with ‘perfect synchronization’ which could make it very interesting indeed.


You can check out the full audio capabilities above, which also reveals that it will be powered by a rechargeable battery.

One talking point though is the Atari Speakerhat price point. While the retail price hasn’t been confirmed yet, Atari are currently opening up a beta program and they have said that those who win a beta test set will be getting a pack worth $300 which means around £230.

What are your thoughts on this new project by Atari, is this something you could wear to improve your listening experience when travelling or when gaming?



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