Marvel Heroes Omega Spider-Man Homecoming event live

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2017

Prepare to have a lot of fun with Marvel Heroes Omega this weekend on PS4 and Xbox One. As we told you earlier, patch 1.08 has now arrived bringing Nightcrawler to the game along with VIP bonuses and other treats.

What we didn’t mention though, is that Gazillion has put a ton of new Spider-Man Homecoming content in the game. If you thought the Spider-Man Homecoming Marvellous Loot Boxes were all you were getting, think again.


There is now a new Operation available for play called Daily Bugle where you’ll face off against members of the Sinister Six and also face a new boss battle against the Vulture – just like in the movie!

We’ve got some awesome new screenshots for you to check out and enjoy here, while there is a new trailer as well which you can watch directly below this article.


As the final icing on the cake, there are new Legendary items and Artifacts to obtain, while we hear that the latest patch also increases the drop rate of Cosmic Artifacts in all modes as well which is great news for those specifically farming on a day to day basis.

Let us know if you are loving the game at the moment and your thoughts on the new Homecoming update. Black Cat is coming to console next, what other villains to do you want to see?

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