Amazon Echo Speaker amazing price for Prime day

Amazon Prime Day is upon us and we have early confirmation of an amazing deal that you can take advantage of, for anyone who is currently looking for the best Amazon Echo speaker price online.

We have seen small price drops for the Amazon Echo speaker throughout the year, but this is the biggest we have seen. From 6PM UK time today, the Amazon Echo will be priced at just £79.99 which is a fantastic deal for you.

The full sized speaker is usually available for £149.99 so it is a £70 instant discount meaning you should buy this straight away as we can guarantee it will return to £150 once the Prime celebrations are over.


This speaker does everything, from controlling your Spotify playlists to controlling all of the lighting and heating in your home if you have compatible devices.

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It all starts today, so if you want to get the speaker for this price, buy it here from 6PM onwards on July 10. If you don’t have Prime yet, you can still sign up for £7.99 a month or use a 30 day free trial if you haven’t used Prime before!



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