FIFA 18 Demo release date on PS4, Xbox One

Everyone is pumped up for the release of FIFA 18, with EA once again reshuffling the package that is going to make fans go crazy for the game this September.

Before that though of course, there is the little matter of the FIFA 18 demo release date, which always happens around two weeks before launch.

This year FIFA 18 releases on September 29, which means that the likely time for the FIFA 18 demo to come out on PS4 and Xbox One will be before September 19.


This is due to the fact that FIFA 18 will release one week early via EA Access so the demo has to come out before then. Our prediction is that the demo will be available on either Tuesday September 12 or Wednesday September 13 but we hope to confirm this for you soon.

We do know that the demo will have two modes available, either exhibition or a sneak peak preview of The Journey 2: Hunter Returns.

How excited are you about the demo coming out? Let us know what platform you are playing on and we’ll tell you the minute we get any new leaks or info on the official date!



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