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Google Lens app release date excitement

There is a lot of excitement in the air over the highly anticipated Google Lens app release date. This app is promising a lot of interesting features that could make daily life and travelling a lot more convenient.

Google Lens was unveiled at Google I/O and will transform your camera into an AI assistant, allowing you to bring up all sorts of useful data simply by scanning the said item in question.


For example, Google Lens can be used to scan wifi passwords simply by taking a picture of the WiFI SSID and password – this feature alone is going to be so convenient for users!

Other great uses of Lens include being able to bring up instant reviews of shops and restaurants by scanning the shop name with the Lens app running.

It all sounds really good, but what Google hasn’t confirmed yet is when the Google Lens app is out officially in US, UK, India, Europe and other regions. The last word we heard on the matter was that it would be ‘soon’, but sadly the company has not elaborated on this yet.

Are you very interested in the Google Lens app? Let us know what you think of the technology below and we’ll update this when we have fresh word from Google to share.

Check out more Google Lens features in the video below.



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