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Marvel Future Fight Wolverine Epic Quest task list guide

If you have just updated to the latest version of Marvel Future Fight, you’ll know that the X-Men have arrived in the game and are probably looking for a Wolverine Epic Quest task list guide to plan ahead.

We did the same with the Dr Strange Epic Quest and now we have a heads-up for those of you who are getting started with Wolverine but worried that you may do some of the daily tasks too soon and lose progress.


First of all, we can confirm that you need to T2 Rogue, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto and Wolverine to gain access to T2 Phoenix.

That means you need to take your time with the epic quest and complete it to the end as as a Rank 6 Wolverine is the prize for finishing it.


The main points of interest that you need to pay attention to and prepare materials for, is the Wolverine Epic Quest Research section. You’ll see from the image above that you need items such as 3x Rank 6 Black Anti Matter, 1000 Phoenix Feather and 1000 M’Kraan Crystal which is the two new premium materials needed to T2 the X-Men.

You can find the full Marvel Future Fight Wolverine Epic Quest task list here with 55 tasks all there, so we suggest you bookmark it for future reference. Take note that you can access the Research tab by scrolling at the top of the document.

What are your thoughts on the new Epic Quest? Let us know if you need any help below.



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