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iPhone 8 picture hoax before WWDC 2017

Fans are preparing for another Apple hardware assault, with WWDC 2017 just hours away and new product launches set to dominate the headlines after the next 24 hours.

Before that though, we have yet another iPhone 8 leak to tell you about or in this case an iPhone 8 hoax which we can see many of you falling for straight away.

Take a look at the pictures below which you may have seen circulating on social media over the last 24 hours.

They show the iPhone 8 edge-to-edge design which we know is coming, but also a finger print sensor on the back.

This is fake according to Twitter user Benjamin Geskin who has been posting all sorts of accurate iPhone 8 information and designs in the build-up to launch.

Remember that the iPhone 8 is unlikely to be shown at WWDC 2017 either, but instead saved for a separate event this September.

What are your thoughts on these pictures and would you actually like a fingerprint sensor or camera button on the back?



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