Xbox Project Scorpio 4K processor tease before E3 2017

If you are excited about Project Scorpio, Microsoft has given out another teaser on social media which is sure to get you pumped up even further.

Microsoft’s E3 2017 is expected to be unmissable due to Project Scorpio and now we have a super close up of the Project Scorpio 4K processor thanks to Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra.

It looks very nice we have to say and it looks like Mike can’t wait to unveil more at E3 2017. We already know that the Scorpio is going to offer ‘true’ 4K gaming, so hopefully this means seeing every single game launched with 60FPS at all times.

If you need a reminder of some of the key Project Scorpio specs, take a look at Microsoft’s sheet below:


How excited are you about Scorpio and will it be the next gaming console that you own?



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