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Pokemon Go update stops cheats, hacks with new system

If you are a daily player of Pokemon Go and read all of the message boards on social media, you are most likely getting frustrated with the large number of Pokemon Go cheats and hacks circulating for the game at the moment.

Developers Niantic have tried various methods in the past to stamp out bots and similar programs designed to speed up the process in gaining rare Pokemon quicker than everyone else.

Now though, we can see that a recent Pokemon Go update has deployed new tools which will now actually change the gameplay effects to those that are playing the game in the wrong way.


As explained by a member of Niantic above on Reddit, Pokemon Go cheaters will now only see common Pokemon such as Pidgeys and Rattatas when believing that they are in a hotspot for rare Pokemon.

We can see many players on social media calling it Niantic’s way of ‘trolling’ those who hack their game and so we’re interested to hear what you think of it.

Is this the right solution to the problem, or do Niantic need to get tougher and issue permanent bans?



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