Phillips Air Fryer best price in the UK is £30

If you are looking to make cooking a breeze in the kitchen, one of the must own items is the Philips Air Fryer. Now, we can see that there has been massive price cuts on certain models and we now know where you can find the best Phillips Air Fryer price in the UK.

Air Fryers are incredibly popular in most households across the UK, thanks to their ability to cook food very quick without the need to use oil.

They are generally used as a substitute for deep fat frying, but you’ll be pleased to hear that they are also very useful for foods that you would usually grill or pan fry as well.


Typically, the cheapest Philips Air Fryer is the HD9220/20 model and it is selling for around £100 at many retailers across the UK in store and online.

However, at the time of writing we have seen the Philips HD9220/20 Air Fryer for just £30 in store at B&M stores.

This is an incredible price we have to say and we can already see that many B&M stores are out of stock – so you need to check your local store to see if they have any available.

Have you seen a better price anywhere for this Air Fryer? Let us know!



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