Life is Strange Season 2 release date excitement

By Alan Ng - May 30, 2017

The wait is finally over for fans, as we can now say that officially, a Life is Strange Season 2 release date is finally happening.

In case you missed the recent announcement, developers Dontnod Entertainment released a teaser video, in which they thanked fans for their support and revealed that work is already underway on Life is Strange 2 or Life is Strange Season 2.

This is amazing news if you played through the first game, especially since a lot of fans have had different opinions on how the game ended.


Now we know that the story is going to continue and we can’t wait to see the first Life is Strange 2 gameplay.

Will this be coming at E3 2017 perhaps or later on this year? If you loved the first game, let us know what you need to see from a Life is Strange Season 2 story in order to meet your expectations as this is a game that the developers can’t get wrong!

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